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Is Increasing Carbon Dioxide In Our Atmosphere Reducing The Nutrients In The Food We Eat?

Is Increasing Carbon Dioxide In Our Atmosphere Reducing The Nutrients In The Food We Eat?

Is Increasing Carbon Dioxide In Our Atmosphere Reducing The Nutrients In The Food We Eat?

Recently nutritional experts and scientists have been considering the effects of how increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is make the food we eat less nutritional. In fact they are considering the elevated amounts of carbon dioxide is making the plant we eat more like junk food.

Increasing carbon dioxide in the air we are we breathing and what plants are using to grow is reducing the protein, minerals and vitamins in crops like rice, barley and potatoes. These are important food sources for many people alive today and raises unknown risks to human health in the future.

Studies in agricultural have shown over the years that many of our most important sources of food have been becoming less nutritious. The amounts of vitamins, minerals and protein content is becoming measurably less. The same studies show a significant drop of these nutrients in the past 50 to 70 years.

So why is this happening?

Researchers have the reason for this is be quit simple. Crop production has been increasing at higher yields at the expense of nutrition, whether that be broccoli, tomatoes or high fiber grains. The growers have learned to grow these plants faster. This means the plants have less time to incorporate the nutrients they would normally have at a less rate of growth. Of course having higher amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere also increases the rate of growth of these plants.

Plants need carbon dioxide to live like humans need oxygen. Because of the increased amount of carbon CO2 in the atmosphere plants are consuming more of this simple molecule.

Of course the debate about global warming or climate change rages on. However there is no controversy about increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. before the industrial revolution carbon dioxide was about 280 parts per million. The level increased to over 400 part per million in the last couple of years. This could reach 550 parts per million by 2050. That level will be over twice the amount in the atmosphere when American farmers started to use motorised vehicles such as tractors and trucks in their operations.

some politicians think this a good thing as it will accelerate the growth of plants and provide more food for the ever-increasing world population. They argue that increased amounts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere will aid photosynthesis and cause the acceleration.

However various scientists have shown that greater food production, based on this reasoning, does not mean that healthier plants with the same amounts of nutrients will be grown.

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